Our mission is to acquire real estate using our experience, hard work, open communication, and character, while we earn and keep the respect of our partners.


Our partners are the equity, lenders, third party contractors, tenants, real estate professionals and communities where we have assets.



Floyd Ventures vision is to acquire and develop commercial real estate assets with like minded investors who see the benefit in building a portfolio that is diversified by geography, product types, and markets resulting in a higher probability of sustainable cash flow.


Our vision is to create a platform where the limited partners and the general partners are aligned and the investors benefit from value creation and long term cash flow. By teaming with investors, lenders, tenants, vendors, communities, and the Real Estate community we create long term mutually beneficial relationships that assist in each other’s success.











The project is not just a task for us, but something we care about personally.

We are driven to push beyond obstacles until the goal is reached

We move beyond conventional tactics into creative and improved ways to help our

partners succeed.

We treat our clients and partners as people and friends, not just as transactions.

We take full ownership of the process and the outcomes.



We rely on our reputation for closing deals and our integrity for doing what we say we will do. We leverage those long term relationships with buyers, sellers, brokers, developers, lenders, title companies, and lawyers to create a steady deal flow.


Implement our established process that objectively and meticulously analyzes investment opportunities to evaluate if the risk is commensurate with the return. If the analysis supports pursuing the opportunities, we can move quickly through our acquisition process.


We hire the most qualified management and brokerage team to ensure the asset always presents well and is marketed professionally.


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